Certificates :

Quality Control is one of the essential and necessary activities in the company. Checking starts at the moment of receiving information from the customers and putting the initial design of the mould on drawings.
Complete and final checking are also done for the design and drawings, which are recorded meticulously before being sent to the shop.

Checking will be continued to become a part of every stage in the manufacturing process and that is under the supervision of a Highly qualified and trained group of Engineers and technicians, with the use of the most accurate measurement devices a coordinate measuring machine ( CMM ) having an accuracy reaching 3 micron made by LK, toughness measurement devices and other traditional measuring devices used in industry.

There is also a periodic program for calibration of measuring instruments and devices which is done in conformity with international calibration institutions.

Quality is not restricted to measurement and checking, it is also involved in choosing materials and machining tools as much as development, innovation and calibration of machines with constant training and possible need of foreign consultancy.
Finally, quality is assured through guarantee of moulds after sale.

This whole effort lead us to get the ISO9001 certificate, which means improving progress and guaranteeing the survival of our work and its quality.
Yet, our management does not consider this to be satisfying. Actually measures were taken to compete for the Total Quality Management ( T. Q. M. )


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